Friday, October 30, 2015

Antiques, Stigma-breaking, and a Conference

"There isn't anything I wouldn't go through to spend a little time with you"
~Spend a Little Time, Steven Fiore


Life has been pretty busy lately (I feel like I start every blog post with a statement similar to this...). Between classes and play rehearsal, I've been trying to find fun and interesting things to do, and have been trying to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL fall we've been having! The colors and the weather right now are absolutely breath-taking, and I wanna enjoy it while it lasts!

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day. My friend Anita came home for the weekend, and we spent the day wandering around downtown CL! It's full of cute little shops and beautiful areas, and I think yesterday's weather really made it perfect. We went to a cute coffeeshop, then got gourmet cupcakes, wandered around some shops, explored an antique shop. It was really, really nice.

A couple weeks ago was a week full of honor society stuff. Over the summer, our Phi Theta Kappa executive board worked really hard to research and put together an event on our campus to help break the stigma of mental illness. On Monday, October 5, we had our event, and I think it went all right! I was a little disappointed because of the low turnout, but our board members did a good job making everything run smoothly! We had videos, a panel discussion, and keepsake and pledge making. I got some of my friends from the play to show up, and they said they enjoyed the experience!

a friend of mine took this snapchat of me while I spoke at the event!

a slam poem video made by my friends was shown

Our executive board plus the college president and random pikachu shirt guy that no one knows

board members and volunteers with our tree banner (that I drew :))
We also went to a conference that included speakers, a night of bonfires and hayrides and uke playing around a campfire (so many people joined in and sang it was so fun!), and playing Mao with friends from other schools!

I was always looking when the camera guy came by

we met in seminar groups to discuss the speakers

pretty place where we ate dinner and hung out

we played huge games of ninja! and I won ;)

we made s'mores too

found a corner by the fountain with my friends and played uke

played uke and sang along 

we gave a presentation on Google Drive

did an improv silent skit

there was a steak n shake next to our hotel and we went there late at night

Well yeah!

With love,

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