Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wal-Mart, Watermelons, and the Beach

"Cover your crystal eyes, and let your colors bleed and blend with mine"
~Crystals, Of Monsters and Men


It's been kind of a while! The past few weeks for me have been pretty busy with working, meetings at school, and filming for a short film my friends are making.

thrifted top • thrifted shorts • shoes and sunglasses from Ross

The weather has been pretty hot and humid lately, so I haven't really felt like going outside to take pics, but today I got a call saying I didn't have to go to work, so I wanted to do something somewhat productive.
In other news, I went to my best friend Rachel's birthday party the other night, which was really fun! I went right after filming, so that day was pretty jam-packed. I like having days like that. Lately, all I've really wanted to do is go on adventures and break away from routine! This is partially because of my original sense of adventure that I've always had, but also because I'm reading "Paper Towns" by John Green. I may or may not see the movie tomorrow, so I hope to finish the book before then!
My latest adventure consisted of going to Wal Mart with Rachel and Rami and have a competition to find the weirdest thing. I ended up winning with a variety of things including an inflatable seat cushion, a magnetic denim jeans pocket, and a drink holder shaped like a toilet. We then bought a watermelon and attempted to explode it using rubber bands, but it didn't work! We're gonna try again sometime soon. 
Another adventure we had recently was to the beach, and my friend Neil brought his camera and took some really cool pics of us!

I hope the rest of the summer is full of exciting adventures! I'm sure there will be more once Cecilia gets back next week! 

So here's to a great end to July and more summer adventures!

With love, 

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