Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blocking, Speeches, and Walking

"Sure it's delusional, creepy, insane, but since she strutted in I haven't been the same"
~Delusional, Charlie Allen


So life has been pretty good lately. The weather has been pretty weird though; it's rained or thunderstormed almost every day, except for today! Today's weather was actually PERFECT. It was 65 with a slight breeze and not humid at all! Definitely a great day to go for a walk!

thrifted top • dress, purse, and shoes from Ross • Charlotte Russe Sunglasses
I'm trying to appreciate the great season of autumn by going outside a lot. This is definitely when the weather is best. It's chilly and beautiful outside! Can't wait to wear more sweaters and warm socks!

thrifted sweater and shorts
 Another new thing is last Thursday I had to give a speech for a class, and I think it went pretty well! Now I have to watch a DVD recording my teacher took of my speech and reflect on about no. I did like giving the speech though. It was on something I'm passionate about, which is theater!
Speaking of theater, we started rehearsal for the play this week! Let me tell you, it is really a lot of fun. Seriously, I have never loved working with a cast as much as this one. Everyone is so uplifting and caring and lively and really tons of fun! I love getting along with everyone so much! We started blocking on Wednesday, and it's been pretty tough to do. There's a big set and lots of things going on throughout the play, so it's pretty complicated! Also, since I'm the lead (yep, no real male lead, no counterparts, I am the sole lead!! Ah!!), I am on stage for most of the show and I move around a lot, so my blocking has been pretty complex. Not to mention I have a crap ton of lines to memorize...

at rehearsal last night with my new friends Kara and Robert

So yeah! Life has been pretty good lately. That's all for now, and I hope the good vibes last!

With love,

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