Friday, September 11, 2015

Ups and Downs, Gelato, and Coffeeshops

"It's the end of the line for you and I, don't make believe we even tried"
~The Line, The Dear Hunter


So my life since my last casual update post has really been a roller coaster of emotion. Long story short, I went on a few adventures with my friends, got together with then got my heart broken by someone I've been into for a long time, started my second year of college, auditioned for a play and got the lead female role. So yeah, I guess it's safe to say that the past few weeks have really been up and down.

thrifted American Eagle top • thrifted shorts • thrifted shoes • hat from Ross
I've been trying really hard to stay happy and distract myself from all of the negative things, and let me tell you it is really difficult. But I'm trying.
Before Cecilia left, we went up to Waukesha for her mom to run a 5k, and I kinda fell in love with the city. It's quaint and quirky and full of fresh, happy people! Not to mention really good gelato.

I also recently discovered a cute local coffee shop right here in my hometown with my sister, and I'll definitely be frequenting that place throughout my time here!

I also did a lot of thrift shopping and got this cute watch, along with a crapton of new clothes and sweaters!
But yeah, that's been it in a nutshell. I'll give more updates as more happens, but for now I'm mostly really excited for the play!

With love,

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