Monday, May 25, 2015

I've been bad about posting please forgive me

I I'm Ello! So basically the title of this post is accurate because somehow I have failed to update this beautiful blog the last few weeks! Oops! To be honest, I've just been so distracted by thrift shopping, baking, my dogs, socializing with friends and watching TLC during during the day. Not quite sure if that's lame, but whatcha gonna do.

Adventure wise though, I've done a lot of things in my month at home. One thing that I always enjoy doing when I am home and have access to a kitchen is cooking and baking! My one friend and I made some insanely good garlic bread and watermelon muffins, and we took pictures of it, naturally.

Now is that bread aesthetically pleasing or what? I'm not usually one to brag about food that I make because generally it doesn't turn out that good, at least usually not photo worthy...but this actually did. And it tasted like pure heaven because it contained butter, cheese and garlic in a finite combination.

The watermelon cupcakes were a slightly more eccentric delicacy, but they tasted surprisingly good. If you like unique desserts, I recommend giving them a whirl.
Okay so this one isn't actually a photo of the pasta that we made...I just got it off pinterest..but me and Olivia made some pretty sweet bow tie Alfredo with chicken and broccoli. This fufilled our "fancy meal" off the bucket list. It was a beautiful day, and a tasty meal.

This is quickly turning into one of those food blogs so I've hastily thrown in a photo of me dancing with my dog so that we don't veer into that territory. Isn't she cute? And then we have my other dog staring out the window. They're more adorable than anything, ever.
On occasion, I also hang out with people and take photos of them like this. I'm actually kinda fond of this selfie because I think we look adorable! Happy birthday Andrew!

Besides my cooking and birthday shout outs, one spectacular event that occurred a few weeks ago was my friend Jess from school visiting CL! We hung out around town, visited Chicago, and she met my friends here which was SUPER cool. I'm actually going to make a separate post of our photo shoot in Milennium park but here's one of us by the bean.
Aren't we cute? 😁 it was so awesome to show her around good old Chicago land! Hopefully I didn't scare her too much and she'll come back.
Olivia and I have both recently taken up ukelele, so I felt this photo was appropriate. Love that little thing. My dog is afraid of it though!

Well, till next time! 

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