Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pure Bliss :)

So as stated in my last post, I've  been in the midst of a really stressful week. Between getting sufficiently prepared for my finals, packing up my room and having a lot of students come in to the tutoring center this week..things were pretty tough. I even stopped using Facebook until I was able to be productive. Which, for the record, kinda worked! :)

However, I had a super fun evening yesterday that totally eased my mind. It's a tradition amongst the writing center tutors to have an end of the semester gathering at our boss's house. Since this is my first semester working at the WC, I'd never attended one. I was super excited to hang out with my co-workers/buddies cuz we're all kinda friends too and pet my boss's many cats. 
Turns out, the kitties were super sweet but also, the house was one of the prettiest I've ever seen! It was right on Lake Superior so there was a little path that led to a beach. My friends and I ran down there, took our shoes off and drew pictures in the sand. Words can't describe how tranquil and lovely it was. 

It was so nice to just get a break from the mundane life of sitting in my room and studying. It's weird, but I really am going to miss my job! I can't wait to come back in the fall and work more hours/spend more time with these awesome people I've met! I feel so very blessed to have come across this opportunity, all because I randomly signed up for an English/yoga class without realizing it. It turned out that the prof of that class was the writing center director, so I got the idea to apply and here I am! Tutoring is great because I love helping others, and writing too.

I also have been doing a lot of last minute outings with my friends lately because we are all saying goodbye for the summer! I'm really going to miss the awesome people I've met up here in the UP.

With that being said however, I'm also super excited to be home. I will be reunited with Olivia and our other friends in UNDER A WEEK NOW :) I can't wait.

Well, I gotta get goin. Finals and all.
Cecilia :)

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