Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring in Marquette: A photo shoot series


So I don't have a lot of words for you right now. However, I do have some pretty sweet photos! Yesterday, to celebrate the 50-60 degree weather that is currently upon us in Marquette, I did a photo shoot in a local park with one of my friends.  We took a lot of photos, but these ones were my personal favorites.
Check it out!

Just hangin out :)

Trying to be a little dramatic

Had to get some random dude to take this one

My photographer did a good job catching me right as I jumped

One really cool thing about the area that I go to college is that my grandmother grew up here in Marquette, and spent a good amount of her childhood here. Then when she grew up and had a family of her own, she would bring my mom and her siblings up to visit and they used to play at this very park! I guess I kinda felt like I was contributing to our family lineage by coming back and experiencing what both my mom and my grandma did as children. To me, that's super cool.

Well, that's all for now. Happy Sunday!


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