Thursday, April 2, 2015

You're Different

"I knew it from the moment our eyes met, I've never seen a boy like you before, you're different!"
-Different, Everybody Else (I couldn't find it on YouTube...but great song I can't stop listening to it!)


I am so glad that we're finally getting nice weather! It was in the 60s today (even though it rained this morning, and I thought I wouldn't be able to take pics outside, but then it quickly cleared up...typical bipolar Illinois weather...) and it finally started to feel like spring! I heard that it was supposed to get up to the high 70s and even the 80s soon... I personally think anything 80 or above is too hot, so I'm gonna try and enjoy the 60 degree weather while I can!

I know it's a bit blurry, but my sister and I both loved how it looked like I was dancing!
I am back at school after break, and had a week of classes. I scheduled myself so that I don't have classes on Fridays (BEST decision ever!), so now it's technically the weekend for me! This week was actually pretty interesting...
Awkward you can see my sister's shadow!

Great sunny day today!
Fun story from my composition class on Tuesday: So I've got this teacher who's this scary old dude, and I kid you not, more than half the class has dropped since the beginning of the semester because everyone is afraid of the teacher. I decided to stick with it, despite how much I wanted to drop. This teacher grades really harshly and is disorganized, and wrote our textbook, so he is pretty strict on what we do. However, on Tuesday, he said he had a couple examples of good writing to share with the class, and proceeded to show on the projector and read out loud two of MY PAPERS. He raved about things I did well on those papers and commended my writing for the whole class to hear! He then said he hoped everyone was impressed, and that it was students like me that make him love teaching! I was so shocked to hear such a response from such a stern teacher, especially about my writing, which I never thought was that impressive! I felt so honored! Not to mention, he gave me a crapton of extra credit...not complaining about that!

So many people loved my moon phases shirt! :)

Today was also a pretty good day. I went to a meeting for our school's honor society and we talked about a convention we are going to in a couple weeks in San Antonio. I am extremely excited to go and get to know all of the people I am going with! I'm looking forward to making new friends, as well as some great memories! Plus, it'll finally be a chance to get away for a while.

I felt super cute today :)

thrifted Brandy Melville top • thrifted skirt • Charlotte Russe sunglasses
I'm looking forward to this weekend not only for Easter, but also because a lot of my best friends are going to be in town for a short Easter break! That means we'll get to hang out, which will be nice because I miss them a lot! That's all for now!

With love,

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