Sunday, March 29, 2015

I'm So Fancy...but you may not already know

So I just got back from a very interesting weekend "getaway" in Lansing for the MSHA (Michigan Speech and Hearing Association) for their annual conference. This conference is for undergraduate and graduate students who are Speech Pathology majors and also for actual Speech Therapists who are coming to learn more about the field. Essentially, I had to be dressed professional every day and on top of my game, as well as listen to some pretty dense presentations. It was a really neat experience, and I also got to bond with some of my fellow girls in the major. I wore a lot of cute outfits but my favorite one was this one!
me and one of my fellow speechies with my pink blazer and circle skirt

I can't take actual credit for the blazer and skirt since I borrowed them from a friend... but I can take credit for pretending to be Elle Woods in front of this pretty window in the conference hall!
That's right. Blondes are smart.
I definitely felt good about myself after attending MSHA because I found the information really interesting and I understood a good amount of it even though I'm only on my first year in this major. I guess that's a good sign going forward! The only bad thing was that the hotel was extremely sketchy and filled to the brink with annoying tween boys. Other than that though, it was a super neat weekend!
my nametag :)

Also... this summer is gonna be sweet. I just got tickets with Olivia and our other friends to go see Book of Mormon in Chicago shortly after I get back! I am so excited to make more memories with my friends and do some really special things. I am going to make a separate post later about our developing summer bucket list too. Much to look forward to!


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