Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's Enough For Me

"Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it's enough for me."
~Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran

Late night blog post time!

I wanted to make a post today, but it's so late because I've been out all day. The past few days have been pretty eventful and have made my spring break more interesting! My break has gone by far too quickly! Although there's technically one day left, I'm calling it pretty much over because tomorrow's agenda consists of sleeping in (duh.), doing laundry, and doing all my homework that's due Monday. Can't wait to do that...

I feel like this photo makes me look a lot cooler than I actually am.
While the weather has been consistently cold over this whole week (we're talking no higher than 35 degrees cold.), the nicest day was probably Wednesday, so my family and I took the opportunity to go downtown Chicago! We visited the Adler Planetarium, which is a place I'd never been, and I thought it was pretty interesting. We got membership passes, so we will definitely be back there again soon. 

I also spent some time with my friends who are here recently! My friends and I are all into film, so we like to make short films during the summers, and lately we've been discussing the projects for this summer! I won't give any details about the projects (top secret!), but we've been looking for beautiful songs that could play during the films, preferably original songs, so as to avoid copyright infringement. My friends came across a beautiful cover of this song and absolutely adore it! It's so perfect!

The sun was out today wooo!
Today was spent celebrating my younger brother's birthday (which is actually today! Well, now, technically yesterday.), and he wanted to have his friends and family together for a bowling party. It was pretty fun, and I even ended up winning our first game against my siblings, which was a huge surprise because I'm actually terrible at bowling! Later, one of my brother's friends showed up, and he ended up being the only one... I felt sort of bad because none of his other friends could make it, but they seemed to have a good time and seem to be pretty close, so I'm sure it was fun for them and my brother had a good birthday! 

old kohl's sweater • thrifted collared top • old shorts • Charlotte Russe sunglasses
OH! One last thing! A few of my friends and I, including Cecilia, made plans last night and bought our tickets to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway in Chicago! I'm extremely excited to not only see the show, which I've been wanting to for a while (I love musicals!), but also to spend some quality time with my friends downtown! I haven't had a day in Chicago with my friends recently, if at all, so I'm super stoked! Summer seriously can't come fast enough.

With love,

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