Monday, March 16, 2015

I'm Good

"Livin' life just like I should, wouldn't change it if I could, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good." 
~I'm Good, The Mowgli's


Do you ever just have those times where nothing seems to go right, and everything just seems to fall apart? Sounds depressing, but that's pretty much how the entirety of last week was for me. A lot of really personal stuff in my life went wrong and I felt completely defeated, and then on top of that, our entire town was grieving because of three local high school students committing suicide within a few days of each other. So needless to say, last week was not a really happy one.

old sweater • thrifted skirt • Icing bow • Target socks

My lovely cat Toby, who makes me smile, even when life sucks

Outfit of the day, featuring my kitty :)

Despite everything that's been going on, I've been trying to stay positive. I've always been a pessimist, but for now, I'm trying not to let anything bring me down anymore! I've been listening to this song a lot lately, and it just makes me feel happier (seriously listen to it! It just makes me feel so good!). Just thinking positively, surrounding myself with the best friends in the entire world, and eating a crapload of chocolate really worked in making me realize that everything's gonna be okay, and that I'm good. 

I just had to run out and quickly snap a pic of this black squirrel - they're pretty rare, and I'm grateful I had my camera on me!
Whoever invented skirts with pockets deserves an epic high-five.

So here's to hoping this week is amazing! I've got a couple of things to look forward to, like I'm going to see my school's play this weekend, and some of my friends are on spring break, so I'm going to spend some time with them while they're home! Being apart from my friends has been really hard throughout the school year, but it just makes the time that I do get to see them even more precious. I seriously couldn't ask for better friends in my life!

With love,


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