Sunday, March 15, 2015

About Cecilia!

Hello! I'm Cecilia! Also known as Cece, Cdawg, Cecils, Cecil, Ccmcgee, or sometimes, even just C. 
I'm really excited to start this blog with my wonderful friend Olivia. We've managed to remain friends through middle school, high school AND now college! Gotta give us some credit for that...especially middle school. Yikes.
So I'm gonna take this opportunity to introduce myself. Here is a photo of me being all cute with this random snowman in Chicago this past spring break.
The snowman was like who is this girl??

When I'm not posing with random snowmen however... I'm probably doing something else! I go to Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula. This is my freshman year, and so far it's been quite a journey! My major is Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences with the goal to go onto Grad School and become a Speech Therapist. I hope to either work with children or at a hospital in a Brain Trauma center because I really like neurology.  I'm also minoring in Theatre, which is my other passion and has been for quite awhile and maaaybe Psychology if I can squeeze it in. Other things I do at school are my job, I'm a tutor at our writing center on campus! I also participate in Student Government and volunteer in the community so I'm pretty busy. I'm also pretty happy though since I love what I do!
much accurate.
A theatrical production in which I was a clown and my friend, a dragon head.
"Body Talk" by Tanya Palmer

Lucky for me, my school is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Michigan so there's plenty to explore when I'm not doing homework or other activities!
On top of Hogsback Mountain. Boy was that a climb.
It kinda snows a lot up here.

I also love hanging out with family and friends. My friends up here at school are fantastic and I'm sooo grateful that I met them!  I really miss my friends and family back home when I'm here
though, since my school is about 6 and half hours away from home. However, I always have a great time when I come back!
Olivia and I at "Shrek the Musical"
Like Olivia, I also love traveling and adventure. I plan on living a life full of those two things, and hopefully fall in love and have a super cute dog at some point as well. I hope to post on here about various things such a style ideas, random rants about things I care about and maybe even some jokes if you're lucky.

Till next time!

Cecilia :)

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