Friday, March 20, 2015

Let's Bring 'em Back Around

"Do you remember those summer days? I could use a few more right now, let's bring 'em back around!"
~Bring 'em Back Around, The Farewell Drifters


I really wanted to go take some pictures outside today, considering it's the first day of spring and all, but it's actually a lot colder today than it has been lately. This makes me sad because although I love winter, I am so ready for some nicer weather! In a way, this song has that nostalgic feel that I've got for spring and summer (this band is not very well known, but I found them on Spotify and love their sound! Definitely check them out). 

I also wanted to wear something spring-y today, with light colors and patterns and whatnot, but it just doesn't feel enough like spring yet. However, I think that kind of worked out because I just bought this dress yesterday and could not wait to wear it! I've been stocking up on cute clothes for the warmer weather and I just can't wait to wear them! Ahhh!

The cold weather caused me to take pics inside my house. Ugh.
My other cat, who probably hates me. 
Also, my spring break began today! This week long break is really much-needed. Although all of my friends had spring break already and won't be here while I'm on break, I'm gonna try to make this break fun and relaxing. I plan on not focusing on school at all! Just hopefully the weather cooperates and I can find some fun things to do!

thrifted Forever 21 dress
So here's to a great Spring Break 2015! The spring breaks the past two years have been amazing (I went to Disney both times...), so I'm not sure how this break will measure up, but I have high hopes that some fun stuff will happen. I'm kicking it off by going to my school's spring play tonight to see my lovely friends perform! Can't wait!

With love,

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