Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 Fun Facts about me!

I thought I would do a fun post today since it's a BEAUTIFUL day up here in the U.P.
So here are some fun facts about me! If you wanted a deep post, sorry to disappoint you. Maybe next week.

1. I hate mushrooms
Quite honestly, I feel that they were created in Satan's own secret lab

2. My dream job is to create a Theatre Company for children and adults with speech disorders
There IS one in new york, but that's specifically for children who stutter. I would go in whole taco with it and say all are welcome! We would also do therapy and singing there.

3. My favorite color in the whole wide world is mint. A lot of people know this. HOWEVER, the reason why it's mint is actually because I couldn't choose between blue and green
A wild Cecilia, in her natural habitat (Target)
On my 18th birthday, I was gleefully wearing my mint dress.
The hugging kinda grabs focus but this was the only one I could find of me in it.
4. Related to above photo: I love love love my friends! Seriously! If you're someone who I call a friend then I probably appreciate you beyond measure. I always try to enter relationships of any kind wholeheartedly so basically I've got a lot of room in my heart for people who choose to include me in their lives :) I would post pictures under this one, but then I'd have to go through so many to choose.

5.My favorite style choices are usually a dress and scarf combination of some kid. If weather doesn't permit, I like cardigans or big sweaters and leggings too! In addition, I love a beanie or a nice knit hat with my big nerd glasses.
In my backyard. Feeling fly.
In front of Munising Falls, being a fashionable explorer!

Nerd alert!
6. I have an addition to Starbucks. It's getting slightly ridiculous, and gets progressively worse the more stressed I am.

7. I am a single hopeless romantic. Even though sometimes I get cynical, I do believe there's somewhat for everyone.

8. I'm Wisconsin raised and fairly certain that my blood is actually hot cheese. (That was also a Cards Against Humanity reference which is one of my favorite games)

9. I have the cutest fat beagle ever as well as a sassy poodle mix. Dog person all the way.

10. I love public speaking. I did speech team in high school and I enjoy giving presentations and plan to use it to my advantage in college!

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