Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Keep the Snow From Falling

"I still feel summer's warmth when I'm with you, you keep the snow from falling like a ray of sunlight shining through."
~Seasons of You, Everett Coast


So spring break is underway, and let me tell you, it does not feel like spring at all. We got a few inches of snow yesterday, and while the weather channel assured us that it wouldn't stick, IT STUCK. So there was snow on the ground all day today, and it didn't get above 35 degrees at all! All my friends are posting about how they're at school or on vacation and I'm stuck on spring break with nothing to do while it's freezing outside!

I had to take pics inside again because it was so cold and gross outside!
Other than the weather being strange, my break has been pretty nice so far. I've gotten to relax a lot, which is really great since school has been pretty stressful up until now. Although most of my friends are away and I can't see them, I am hanging out with the people who are here, as well as my family. Despite the gross weather, my mom planned out fun days for us for today and tomorrow! We spent today ice skating and then eating lunch at a cute local diner. I love those cute little places that you can find only in your town! 

I finally tried high-waisted pants...and I actually love them!
Look who decided to crash our photo session...
I'm pretty excited for tomorrow too! My family and I are going downtown Chicago to check out the Planetarium, and possibly another museum if we have time. I've never been to the planetarium downtown before, so I'm pretty stoked. I find astronomy beautiful and the only science that is interesting (in my opinion of course!), so I can't wait to see what's there! I also hope to eat at a fun restaurant while we're in the city - can't pass up the opportunity for more cute little local food joints!

thrifted Forever 21 top • thrifted pants
Well hopefully the rest of Spring break is fun, even if the weather disagrees! Tomorrow should be a great day, and I'm hoping the rest of the days are also great, even if I don't have plans!

With love,

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