Friday, April 10, 2015

Things I'm Looking Forward To/Summer Bucket List

Hey everyone!

So, this post is pretty much what is going to get me through the horrors of finals week approaching pretty soon. I only have THREE weeks left in the semester, so I can see the finish line! There's just so many different things that I'm looking forward to that I can barely contain myself.

On an aside, I did a cool thing today. I gave a presentation at NMU's Undergraduate Research Celebration about the scientific benefits of reading out loud! I actually studied this because I'm a tutor for our school's writing center, and I always ask my students to read their papers first in our tutorials because they can usually catch their own mistakes when doing so. However, I wanted to know the exact reasons behind it which have to do with intonation and some neuroscience as well. I guess the neat thing about it was that I really do find these topics interesting so presenting about it made me happy. It was a little scary being in front of such intellectual people, but I think I did a pretty good job. Also, what can do wrong when I'm wearing my powerhouse yellow cardigan? :) And I wouldn't dare present in front of people without a cute dress. That's like a sin in Cecilia World.

No idea what this gesture was.

Photo credit to one of my fellow tutors

Anyway, back to things I'm looking forward to! So, I'm gonna do this in list format because that's just the kind of person I am.

1. Detriot
So this one seems kinda weird, but next weekend I'm going home with my friend from school who lives in Detroit and visiting her family and stuff too! I've never been to this area so it'll be a great road trip as well as a new adventure. I always love meeting new people, and we're seeing a musical so there's that.

2. Prom
I may be out of high school, but our drama department has a prom so looks like I'm going for a third time! I really like dressing up so I think that it'll be a great time. Who doesn't love good food and music after all? I'll be sure to post photos in a few weeks! 

3. Book of Mormon
Self explanatory? I think so. I mean, I've only been waiting months to see this so you can say I'm pretty pumped. Plus I'm going with my best friends and my sister so that's pretty sweet too! 

4. Being at home
Don't get me wrong- I love school. However, I do miss being in my own room and seeing my family every day too. Not to mention NOT COLLEGE FOOD. I cannot emphasize this enough. I mean, I'm not talking about spontaneous pizza nights or trips to Applebees for HALF APPS because at least that's fun...but sometimes the cafeteria food is just tooo much. I've really come to appreciate like good spaghetti since being at school. Seems kinda random but it's true.

5. California
This is a really big one! This summer, towards the end of May, I'll be going to visit some friends from school in CA and go to Disneyland since a few of them are working there in the College Program. I'll be traveling to San Diego first and staying with my friend Sheila, then probably going up to Anaheim to see them as well as some relatives and family friends who are out there. I'm super excited because I've never really traveled this far by myself, and I think that it will be a grand adventure. Seriously so pumped.

6. Camp Newaygo
After I return from my CA trip, starting in June, I start working this summer! I'll be camp counseling and teaching Drama amongst other things at this all-girls Resident Camp in lower Michigan and I am genuinly looking forward to it. In terms of other jobs, this will be completely different then what I'm used to, having worked at a department store before and a Writing Center currently. It'll be an interesting adjustment since I won't really be using my phone or social media but I'm really hoping to have fun while making a difference in the lives of my campers. I will however, try to put up a post on here on occasion!

Aside from all of this, a couple of my friends and I made a bucket list for things we want to do while I'm home. Here it is, and I must say, it's pretty awesome.

1. Chicago

2. Some type of Zoo

3. Water balloon/water gun fight

4. Pool party

5. Thrift shop tour

6. Fancy brunch (somewhere BESIDES IHOP)

7. Stay all night @ IHOP

8. Go to Gurnee Mills Mall

9. Dress up super nice and go to Olive Garden

10. Photoshoot in VA

11. Camp outside in my backyard

12. Makeovers!

13. Wisconsin ROAD TRIP

14. Make a fancy meal

15. Cake fight: Part 2

And that's what we have so far! Even though exams are lingering around the corner... I'm so excited for what is ahead.

All for now!


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