Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When I See You Smile

"When I see you smile, I see the sun, and through the sun's rays, I see the moon."
~Wondergirl, Authentic Fiction


So I've been pretty happy lately. I have a lot to smile about and be excited about! I sold some clothes to Plato's Closet yesterday and bought this dress on clearance, and I could not be happier about it! It's my favorite color (aquamarine!) and I just love the way it looks. It kind of reminds me of candy or a birthday cake, and I was even told I looked Katy Perry-esque today! I just thought I'd dress cute because, well, why not!?

Lovin the weather lately!

I can't wait for tomorrow! I am leaving to go to San Antonio tomorrow, and I'll be gone till Sunday. I'll be sure to take tons of photos and to post them here so I can share all about it! I could not be more excited. Since I go to a community college, there aren't many fun school-sponsored events or activities that people actually go to and have fun at, so I am thrilled to finally be a part of something that will not only be fun, but will also be an amazing learning experience! I'll finally be surrounded by like-minded students and get away from Illinois for a while!!

thrifted dress • thrifted shoes • Discovery sunglasses • Icing bow

I guess the down side to missing school is I have a ton of homework to do, but I finished most of it today, and I'm getting an extension on a big project (that I actually haven't started yet...whoops). I just can't wait to forget about classes, even if it's just for a few days! Other than that, I don't have much else going on, just stuff to look forward to! Which isn't really that bad :)

With love,

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